Sugar Gliders: Where To Buy

This may not be the first article that you have read about sugar gliders and how great they are as pets. Oftentimes after reading an article online about sugar gliders, you begin to feel that perhaps it is time for you to buy yourself a sugar glider. And so you begin to search about where to buy sugar gliders and where are the best places to buy them.

Of course, just like all the others, people who want to buy sugar gliders go to the nearest pet store in the area to buy a sugar glider. Much to their dismay, they don’t find any in the nearest pet shop because sugar gliders are exotic pets so not all pet shops have the license to sell them. Moreover, not all pet shops have the expertise to breed sugar gliders. Sadly, pet stores in general are not a good place to buy sugar gliders because not all of them know how to breed sugar gliders. Oftentimes, pet stores keep these animals in cages that are meant for hamsters or gerbils but not for sugar gliders.

When sugar gliders are in the wild, they usually live in big groups of ten to fifteen. They are very sociable animals so they love being around other creatures. In fact, they are so sociable that they do not find it difficult to adjust and bond with their new owners especially if you have bought them when they are around seven to eight weeks old. It is during this time that they find themselves out of their mothers pouch and ready to mingle and bond with the creatures that they are often exposed to. If you get sugar gliders that are this old, you will not find any difficulty bonding with them because it is in their natural instinct to bond with those around them at this time.

It is often a wonder to sugar glider enthusiasts where they could buy sugar gliders. It is not often that they find pet stores that breed sugar gliders. Sadly, although there are several sugar glider groups around, because their members are so few, it is a challenge to find them. Only those who are really interested in keeping these animals become breeders themselves because they understand that more than the money that they could earn selling their sugar gliders, these animals have special needs that should be acknowledged.

Unfortunately, most pet store owners fail to recognize the needs of these animals because they have other animals that they need to attend to. So if you are thinking of where to buy sugar gliders, then there is no best place, only best people. You need to look for people who breed sugar gliders because they simple love to take care of such animals. Perhaps you could ask your friends who may have friends that are breeders because by word of mouth you will certainly find somebody in your area who may share your enthusiasm to take care of sugar gliders.

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