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Getting a Great Sugar Glider from Great Breeders

Have you ever seen a sugar glider? If you did, you must have had the impulse to buy them when you saw one at an online store. Indeed, buying a sugar glider has now become much easier and more convenient because several online stores that claim to be sugar glider breeders make them readily available for purchase. However, the conveniences that buying from the web provides might also cause you problems in the future. It is still best to buy from reputable breeders.

Perhaps one of the major drawbacks of buying a sugar glider from an online pet store is bonding. When people started buying from non credible sugar glider breeders, more and more of them have to deal with bonding issues. Most experts in sugar gliders prefer to buy a baby sugar glider than an adult one. However, a baby sugar glider or more often referred to as the joey cannot be taken away from their birth mothers before they are fully weaned. One of the signs that the joey can already be separated from its mother is when it is already out of the pouch and this usually takes place after seven to eight months after it was born.

After the joey has been weaned and is out of the mother’s pouch, it automatically bonds with whatever or whoever they are regularly exposed to. It only takes two months or less for the bonding to be completed. If you decide to buy the sugar glider from reputable sugar glider breeders, you can get them during the bonding time. You can be assured that the sugar glider can easily bond with you. On the other hand, if you choose to buy from online sugar glider breeders, you might end up buying an older sugar glider. If they are trained to be around people, you’re lucky because they can easily bond with you. However, if the older sugar glider is not well-handled, buying it would only bring a total disaster. Unfortunately, those that are sold in online pet stores from sugar glider breeders are not given the chance to develop their bonding in the crucial two months of their lives so if you end up buying them, you might have difficulty bonding with sugar gliders.

Another important aspect of buying a sugar glider for a pet is to make sure that you are buying a healthy animal. So how does one know that the glider is healthy? First, it must exhibit being active in doing different activities because it is through this that you can diagnose whether they can tolerate handling or not. In addition to that, healthy sugar gliders have muscular build and bright black eyes. Obviously, it would be impossible for you to do this if you are only making the purchase online. Most of these sugar glider breeders online even offer to ship the joeys in the airport nearest you, but any reputable breeder would know that this is not how these animals should be shipped. Traveling around in a cold dark cage alone could be very stressful to these animals, so most sugar glider breeders know that when they make shipments to usually ship animals by groups of three. If the situation is much worse some of them die during the trip.  And although some of these sugar glider breeders would assure you that they replace any dead animals, it could be depressing to know that such animals would be sacrificed and their lives would be put to waste.

If you seriously consider getting yourself a baby sugar glider, then it is best to purchase them from legal sugar glider breeders with licenses to avoid complications. Don’t waste your time on online sugar glider breeders because they will just give you a terrible headache. Since sugar gliders can live between 12 and 15 years, it’s worth the time to find the right sugar glider breeders in your area and start the bonding with your glider the right way.

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